Past RTPA Officers   

  President     Vice-President  Secretary           Treasurer

2018    Kenyatta Upchurch         Sue Atti                      N/A                    Jane Sorey            

2017    Kenyatta Upchurch         Sue Atti                Margaret Powers        Sandra Day

2016      Wendy Henshaw         Sue Bennett          Margaret Powers    Kenyatta Upchurch    

2015Jean Benvenuto Donna DonovanErin GallowayKenyatta Upchurch

2014Jean Benvenuto   Meghan Smith       Margaret Powers         Cindy Smith

2013Lynda-Jo Pixley Betty-Lou Medlin Gwen Bailey     Paul Sconyers

2012Wendy Henshaw     Betty-Lou Medlin Gwen Bailey     Kirsten Carlos

2011  Kirsten Carlos       Wendy Henshaw      Betty-Lou Medlin     LaChauna Johnson

2010  Erin Galloway    Katie Efland   Melissa RutledgeLaChauna Johnson

2009   Lillian Glenn    Erin Galloway   Patty Pontello   Trina Holland

2008   Lillian Glenn    Erin Galloway   Patty Pontello    Candi Riggs

2007Kathy McDermottSara Van Asch  Patty Pontello    Candi Riggs

2006Kathy McDermottMelissa Hardy  Sara Van Asch    Candi Riggs

2005Kathy McDermottPhyllis Hines     Candi Riggs      Lillian Glenn

2004   Phyllis Hines  Heather Rowland Candi Riggs      Lillian Glenn

2003   Phyllis Hines    Lyndsey Hall     Candi Riggs      Lillian Glenn

2002Melissa Saunders        Phyllis Hines     Kathy McDermott Lyndsey Hall

2001Melissa Saunders     N/A  Kathy McDermott  Lyndsey Hall

2000Melissa Saunders     N/A  Kathy McDermott  Lyndsey Hall

RTPA's History

The Research Triangle Paralegal Association (RTPA) began as a satellite chapter of the Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association (RWPA).  Paralegals who worked in the Research Triangle Park enjoyed attending the RWPA meetings, but the distance to travel to downtown Raleigh made it difficult to attend all meetings.

The first meeting of the satellite chapter was in February 2000.  The group continued to grow throughout the year, and it became difficult for RWPA to continue to support this satellite group.  On September 20, 2000, the group decided to adopt the name, Research Triangle Paralegal Association; and as of January 1, 2001, RTPA was no longer associated with RWPA. 

On January 1, 2002, RTPA was officially incorporated in the State of North Carolina.