Social Media
Committee Chairs - Melissa Rutledge and Erin Galloway
This committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of RTPA's website and the management of RTPA's e-mail and social media accounts.

Community Service
Committee Chair - Sue Atti
This committee is responsible for keeping the organization informed of volunteer and/or charitable donation opportunities.  It is also tasked with helping plan and implement RTPA's annual holiday community service project(s).  

Student Relations  
Committee Chairs - TBA
This committee is responsible for mentoring paralegal students and developing relationships between RTPA and area paralegal programs.

Committee Chair – Kenyatta Upchurch
This committee will be responsible for creating an electronic record of RTPA’s historical documents and creating guidelines for maintaining electronic records going forward.

Marketing/Public Relations Committee Chair - TBA
This committee is responsible for keeping the membership application up to date, finding advertising opportunities for the organization, and soliciting membership.  As part of these efforts, the committee is responsible for updating and distributing RTPA's brochure.